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  • Political Slogan Focus Group

    Campaign slogans aren't chosen randomly, they're the product of tireless hours of scientific research. Here's a peek behind the mirror at an actual politician's focus group.

  • Frontier™ Personal Lubricant

    Your romantic dry spell is over. Introducing Frontier™ brand personal lubricant, brought to you by none other than everyone's favorite celebrity cowboy, Sam Elliott.

  • Season 1, Volume 2 Anthology

    No longer must you incessantly search for the next comedy sketch like some sort of common laborer. Here are all of your favorite round 2 Fallout Lounge podsnacks, all in one place. Hit "play" and luxuriate in your exquisite guffaws.

  • Good News/Bad News

    The media delivers too much bad news and not enough good news, right? This sketch fixes that problem by alternating equal measures of both. You're welcome.

  • Snail Crash

    Too often we cast a blind eye to snail-on-snail violence.

  • The Doldrums

    A cynical, world-weary DJ who plays only depressing music = comedy.

  • Diner Sketch

    Here's a little something we call "Diner Sketch," mainly because it's a sketch which takes place in a diner. Short, but it has a little of everything–just like a good diner.

  • Tinder Tips

    Whether you're new to dating apps or an embittered veteran, these tips will enhance your pathetic online experience.

  • School Yard Rock – “Don’t Get Shot!”

    School House Rock made it fun to learn numbers and the alphabet. Now you're ready for the practical stuff.

  • Paper-Adjusting News

    Any talking head can read from a teleprompter; true journalists also possess the ability to expertly handle a stack of paper.