Season 1, Volume 2 Anthology

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No longer must you incessantly search for the next comedy sketch like some sort of common laborer. Here are all of your favorite round 2 Fallout Lounge podsnacks, all in one place. Hit “play” and luxuriate in your exquisite guffaws.

Written by Bob Merlotti. Voices by David Pasquesi, Andy Bobrow, Kathy Nagler, Shannon Bobo, Meg Ruddy, Dennis Ryan, Julie “Golden” Dubensky, TV’s John Montgomery, Shellynne Vontoure, and Bob Merlotti. “Eternity Pillow,” “A Pill Too Far,” “Pantone Color of the Year,” “Trump Statue,” “Sarcasm Lawyer,” and “Binge Bunker” recorded at Eleven Sound by Scott Crisp. “Snapchat Zapruder” recorded at Network Studios by Mike Casentini. All sketches mixed by David Gerbosi. Additional mixing by Mike Luebbers at Redline Creative Group.

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