Month: May 2020

  • Family Crest

    Please welcome our newest sponsor, the DNA testing company that gives you the results you truly want. Voices: David Pasquesi, Kathy Nagler, Andy Bobrow, Meg Ruddy, TV's John Montgomery, Dave Gerbosi. Recorded at Network Studios in Culver City. Mixed by Dave Gerbosi.

  • White Supremacist Jeopardy

    You know what they say: there's a thin line between a virulent racist and a game show contestant with a targeted category focus. P.S. We love you, Alex!

  • Season 2, Volume 1 Compilation

    It's a compilation! It's an anthology! It's eight sketches from our second season all smushed together for one-stop listening.

  • Soul Hospice

    There's a national debate raging about when to restart the economy, given that reopening it too soon could lead to the deaths of thousands. Fortunately, we can count on corporations to take the moral high ground.