Month: April 2020

  • The Doldrums: Great Indoors Edition

    A welcome return of your favorite misanthropic DJ, David Pasquesi, with morsels of hope and encouragement for this difficult time.

  • I’m a Porn Watcher

    If you're going to spend your home imprisonment giving yourself a hand, you may as well sing about it. Please listen to completion. Vocals: Dave Gerbosi.

  • Jigsaw World Record

    You're sequestered, you're about a jigsaw puzzle to pass the time? With dedication and practice, you, too, may someday bask in the professional jigsaw circuit limelight, like these 1000-piece masters.

  • The Comfort Truck

    In times like these, snake oil salesmen emerge, eager to take advantage of the most vulnerable among us. Don't fall for scams, and if you're struggling with your mental health, find a professional to help. Not this guy.