Season 2, Volume 1 Compilation

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It’s a compilation! It’s an anthology! It’s eight sketches from our second season all smushed together for one-stop listening. Plug us in, and a mere 23 where-did-the-time-go minutes later, you’ll have a snappy retort when your pushy friend insists you binge season 5 of “The Sassy Cow.”

“Have you heard ‘The Fallout Lounge?'” you’ll counter, smugly. And just like that, you win the comedy standoff. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re three episodes behind on “The Sassy Cow.”

Share the hell out of this with your fellow shut-ins. Barter value: one 10-pound bag of potatoes.  And give us a review wherever you listen to podcasts. Or on a wall, preferably an outside wall.

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