Season 1, Volume 3 Anthology

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Here’s every sketch from the last round of Season One, lovingly curated like a Whitman’s Sampler of wrong. Now you can listen to each laugh-til-you-tear-cartilage podsnack in one glorious sitting, catching up like you promised you would but never did with “The Crown.” Then review us! And share. Seriously, share it with friends, family, and most importantly, complete strangers. We need the listeners and, frankly, don’t care what happens to you.

Written by Bob Merlotti. Voices by David Pasquesi, Geoffrey Cantor, Andy Bobrow, Kathy Nagler, Shannon Bobo, Med Ruddy, Dennis Ryan, David Gerbosi, Mike Casentini, and Bob Merlotti. All sketches recorded at The Network Studios by Mike Casentini except for “Doldrums – Holiday Edition,” recorded by David Pasquesi in his home studio, and “Frontier Lube,” recorded at Gotham Podcast Studios.

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