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  • Compilation 7: The Genius Grant Collection

    Prior to today, these sketches were on their own, lost, and scattered throughout the internet. Now, thanks to a generous MacArthur Grant, they've been combined into 20 minutes of glowing comedic mass. If you've been too busy to listen to these individually, we forgive you. How were the otter videos? Here's your chance to catch up, no questions asked. Please subscribe, share and give us the 5-star review you've been withholding from family members.

  • Pandemic 2: One Germ Dared

    Scientists predict another pandemic is inevitable. Discover how it'll start in this Fallout Lounge exclusive. Voices by Dave Gerbosi, Meg Ruddy, Barry Burdiak, Dave Hughes, Katherine Pryor, Monica Orozco and Bob Merlotti. Recorded and mixed by Dave Gerbosi.

  • Racist Johnny Appleseed

    When the police are stretched thin, our new character steps forward to lend a friendly handcuff. Voices by Andy Bobrow, Kathy Nagler, and David Pasquesi. Johnny Appleseed Theme sung by Dave Gerbosi and Bob Merlotti. Recorded and mixed by Dave Gerbosi.

  • Giant Taste Cheese

    It's the brand new product with the big, irresistible taste. What's our secret? Tune in and find out! Written by Bob Merlotti. Voices by David Pasquesi, Katherine Pryor, Kathy Nagler and Dave Gerbosi. Recorded and mixed by Dave Gerbosi.