Tag: parody

  • Compilation #10 : Definitely in the Top Ten of our Compilations

    Hey, procrastinators! Black Friday's coming up, and we're giving you the opportunity to do all of your sketch shopping without having to throw a single punch at an elderly Best Buy shopper. Over twenty minutes of the sharpest-elbowed comedy available, just in time for the Krampus holiday season. So subscribe, and pass it around like a gravy boat to family members you're still on speaking terms with. Or cram it in a loved one's stocking in lieu of coal.

  • Ring Plus

    There can't possibly be yet another "plus" streaming service, can there? Yes there is, and you're going to f*****g make room for it. Written by Bob Merlotti. Voices by Barry Burdiak, Katherine Pryor, David Gerbosi and Kathy Nagler. Music, sound design, and mix by David Gerbosi.

  • Budget Bond

    Excited about the new Bond movie? We have good news and bad news. It's here, but the most exotic locale is Des Moines. Written by Bob Merlotti. Voices by Kathy Nagler, Andy Bobrow, Andrés DuBouchet, Meg Ruddy, Dave Gerbosi, and Dennis Ryan. Sound design and mix by David Gerbosi.

  • Turn Back the Clock Day

    College football is here again, with its school spirit, pageantry, and traditions. Haunting, troubling traditions. Written by Bob Merlotti. Voices by David Pasquesi, Andrés duBouchet, and Bob Merlotti. Special appearance by Ross Barnett as "himself."

  • Compilation 9: The Ninth Circle of Podcast Hell

    We normally drop sketches one at a time. But now and then, we gather them like a bunch of wild comedy flowers and make a sonorous bouquet to give you violent seasonal laughing allergies. So if you've been procrastinating, you're about to be rewarded for your lazy listening habits. Six pollen-rich sketches in a row. Hit that "subscribe" button and write us a nice review after your kombucha spit-take.

  • “That’s as Far as We Got”

    If you've been yearning for us to cram 10 pounds of comedy into a 5 pound laugh sack, this is your lucky podsnack day. Introducing the Doc Octopus of sketches. Written by Bob Merlotti. Voices by Kathy Nagler, Andy Bobrow, Katherine Pryor, Barry Burdiak, Meg Ruddy, Monica Orozco, Dennis Ryan, Chris Cady, Dave Gerbosi, Dave Hughes, Bob Merlotti, and Humpy the Wonder Platypus. Original music, sound design, and mix by David Gerbosi.

  • The Empath

    CBS takes a back seat to no network when it comes to dramas with their finger on our faint national pulse. The origin story here alone is worthy of a People's Choice Award nomination. Written by Bob Merlotti. Voices by Andrés duBouchet, Kathy Nagler, Katherine Pryor, Meg Ruddy, David Gerbosi, and Bob Merlotti. Mixed by David Gerbosi.

  • When Your Head is Up Your Ass

    The decision to get vaccinated or not doesn't have to be confusing--so listen to someone who's survived several pandemics. Written by Bob Merlotti. Song vocals by David Gerbosi, and voices by Andrés duBouchet, Kathy Nagler, Bob Merlotti, and Susan Gerbosi. Mixed by David Gerbosi.

  • RBG’s Final Dissent

    The Notorious RBG had one last legal opinion to get off her dissent collar. Tune in for her SCOTUS send-off. Written by Bob Merlotti. Voices by Lori Alan and Dennis Ryan. Mixed by David Gerbosi.

  • Proposition 23

    Tired of logjammed government? Then support Proposition 23, and let's get our elected officials working for us again! Written by Bob Merlotti. Voices by Andrés duBouchet, Meg Ruddy, Katherine Pryor, David Gerbosi, and Bob Merlotti.Mixed by David Gerbosi.