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  • Compilation 8: The Eighth Wonder of the Podcast World

    Joe Rogan. Pod Save America. Murder Follies on Parade. All amateur-level podcastery compared to the jam-packed entertainment we've squished into this compilation. Catch up on our most recent parcel of sketches, or, if you've been keeping up, relive the intense, pancreas-bruising laughter. Then subscribe and give us that 5-star review you've been saving for a functioning government.

  • Compilation 7: The Genius Grant Collection

    Prior to today, these sketches were on their own, lost, and scattered throughout the internet. Now, thanks to a generous MacArthur Grant, they've been combined into 20 minutes of glowing comedic mass. If you've been too busy to listen to these individually, we forgive you. How were the otter videos? Here's your chance to catch up, no questions asked. Please subscribe, share and give us the 5-star review you've been withholding from family members.